Our Mission Statement

The ArtSplot studio is both an active workshop and a gallery. It offers art instruction as well as free-lance artwork. A wide variety of programs are available ranging from flexible individualized lessons, small group focused programs and on-site painting hikes, to artist-in-residency offerings in the schools. Instruction covers a comprehensive range of artistic endeavor, including drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, and sculpture. Creative writing, literature, and music are often incorporated. Artwork in the out-of-doors is an overwhelming theme.

A Note from Chelsea:

With the use of a wide variety of media, self expression and creative responses will be emphasized. The teaching style is individualized, friendly, and very supportive of the value as well as the delight in doing artwork. The climate is relaxed and conducive yet instructive and visually aware of the relationship between individuals and their connection to the natural world.

“Our purpose is to enhance artistic awareness and appreciation through increased opportunity for participation in the arts.”

Chelsea Smith

The ArtSplot on Youtube

Here is a clip of Chelsea Smith demonstrating with chalk pastels for a group of students at Longfellow Elementary in Bozeman and a short clip of Douglas Smith throwing a pot at our studio. The second video is sped up for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check out our channel on Youtube to see more of our exploits!

Contact Information

Contact Chelsea Smith, the “Head Hauncho” and better half at the ArtSplot. You can also e-mail your questions about registration forms and program availability to this address.

E-mail your questions to Chelsea's Number Two.

Contact the webmaster with any errors or questions regarding the web-site.

The ArtSplot:
Suite 211
111 S. Grand Ave.
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Feel free to contact the ArtSplot at (406) 587-8424 with any questions or comments regarding programs we offer!

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